Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Giant Pandas and the Beijing Zoo (Day 4 Part 1)

On Day 4, we signed up for the optional full day tour, which began at the Beijing Zoo, continued at a local hutong, and finished with a visit to the Lama Temple.  It also featured a Beijing (Peking) duck dinner.  Here's Part 1 of Day 4.

The entrance to the Beijing Zoo heavily promoted the presence of the Giant Panda.

I really wish I owned a Pablo Sandoval panda hat, just for occasions like this.

Himalayan snowcock

What we came to see...

There were multiple pandas at the zoo - these two were the most prominent.

The pandas weren't the only cool things at the zoo.

Here's the crested ibis.

And here's a pair of snub-nosed monkeys.

"Isn't he adorable?"  When he's not sniffing his partner's butt, that is.

Chukar partridge (in a pear tree...)

Arctic Fox

American Red Fox (yaaaaawn...)

Time to see the big cats!

This one was awake, but lazy.

And this one was made of stone...

The lions were quite lazy as well...

But this tiger was just plain mean and nasty.

He roared and stomped about the entire time we were by his pen.  I've never heard a tiger roar before, but it's quite impressive.

Our rickshaw tour of a local hutong is coming up next.  Stay tuned.

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