Sunday, January 6, 2013

Calico Ghost Town, Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

For Thanksgiving, my wife, mother and I went to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, home of my maternal grandparents.  En route, we stopped for a few hours at the Calico Ghost Town in San Bernardino County, California.  Here are the photo highlights.

Like many towns in the west, Calico has hillside letters marking its location.  These are visible from certain points on I-15.

The former silver and borate mining town is well-maintained as a tourist destination; it was purchased and restored by Walter Knott, of Knott's Berry Farm fame (who was born in San Bernardino).

There was a tourist railroad that gave an overview of the site.

There were plenty of figurines that gave an idea of the activities of the era.

The station next to the tracks.

Away we go...

This stack had significance, but I can't remember if it marked the site of the first mine or the site of the first building in town.

An overlook of the ghost town.

The conductor pointed out this tarantula that had scurried under the planks.

Next, it was time to go into the mines themselves.

They featured many exhibits.

This was where a major hole (the "glory hole") was located.

Modest living rooms.

The abundance of mine shafts has to be a lure to youths in the area, but as this sign points out, they're dangerous.

The town even had a schoolhouse.

My wife and mother go investigate.

It was actually a reconstruction that was smaller than the original.

Still, quite nice looking.

The reconstructed interior.

This store has existed for 130 years, and is the oldest building in town.

The interior of the store.

The old post office.

CA Historical Landmark plaque.

Coming up - Lake Havasu and Hoover Dam, followed by Death Valley.  Stay tuned.

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