Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo Nostalgia - St. Petersburg, Day 4

My fourth day in St. Petersburg was pretty mellow, since I slept in following the White Nights festivities.  I would leave St. Petersburg temporarily that night in order to go to the famous island of Kizhi, via Petrozavodsk.  Here's what I did beforehand.

 I crossed this bridge nearly every day over the Griboyedov Canal.  The griffin-like statues amused me.  That's the Church on Spilled Blood in the background, with the pillars of the Kazan Cathedral in the foreground.  I actually was walking to buy my train ticket for that night (note - if you buy train tickets in Russia, bring your passport to the office or you won't be able to purchase it).

 From left = the Singer House on Nevsky Prospekt, the Church on Spilled Blood, and the statue of Mikhail Kutuzov next to the Kazan Cathedral, in which he is buried.

 The Kazan Cathedral, controversially modeled on St. Peter's in Rome (keep in mind that Russia is Orthodox, not Catholic in its heritage).

 The line at left is to venerate an old copy of the original Our Lady of Kazan icon.  I wanted to venerate, but I decided I was too tired to wait in an hour long line.  I regret my decision entirely.

 During the Soviet era, the cathedral was used as "the Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism."  It was a convenient enough reason to not destroy it, unlike other cathedrals.

 The icon, Our Lady of Kazan.

 Afterwards, I had some spare time.  I tried to track down the relics of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, which I was told were at a church like this one in the northern part of the city.

 This was not the correct church, but it was still quite beautiful, even if I have no idea of the name of it.

 Oh well, my needle-in-a-haystack mission wasn't successful.  Not the end of the world - back to my hostel I went.

A different view of St. Isaac's en route to my hostel, where I would nap before taking the train.

Coming up next = Kizhi.  Stay tuned.

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