Saturday, May 19, 2012

Photo Nostalgia = Peterhof (Russia, Day 6, 2009)

After returning to St. Petersburg from Kizhi, I decided to spend all day at Peterhof, west of St. Pete's on the southern side of the Gulf of Finland.  Here are the photo highlights.

 After taking the ferry over from St. Petersburg, you have to walk a bit to get to the main sights.  It's an enjoyable approach alongside the canal seen here.

The fountain at center depicts Samson and the Lion (from the Bible).

 The Grand Cascade, which operates without the use of pumps.

 There were pretty heavy crowds on the (gorgeous) day that I went.

 David and Goliath?  Unsure.

 Looking down the canal to the port.

 Crowds wait to enter the Grand Palace.  No photography allowed inside.

 Like that was going to stop me.  This is the Chesma Hall, fleshed out with paintings depicting the Battle of Chesma in the Russo-Turkish War of the mid-18th-century.

 I don't have many details about the other rooms, although they were each unique and amazing.

 The East Chapel (which was closed to the public if I recall correctly - at the very least I didn't go in).

 The backside of the Grand Palace, in the Upper Gardens.

 I later went east of the Grand Palace to see some of the side buildings, gardens, and fountains.

 The tourists were more Russian than not.

 If you visit St. Petersburg without seeing Peterhof, you're missing out.

 Once back in St. Pete's proper, I decided to try Dagestani food at Sumeta restaurant.  The interior was excellent.

I tried the pumpkin chudu (like a large pancake), washed down with a Russian beer.  Recommended.

Coming up next = Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk.  Stay tuned.

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