Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mission Peak

Two Mondays ago I hiked up Mission Peak in Fremont, CA, with my buddy Nathan and his kids.  We've done this at least twice before, but I've never thought to blog about it.  Here goes.

The happy family (especially Nathan's daughter).

 "Why does Mr. K. keep taking photos of everything?"

 No drinking water ahead - we tried to trick Nathan's daughter into thinking this meant we had to drink all of ours now.  Too bad she's a pretty smart kid.

 Is that girl sticking her tongue out at me?

 Rest break.

 Decent view over the South Bay.

 Nathan's son strikes a pose (the first pose he struck was funnier but something other than masculine).

 The end is in sight!

 A lone outhouse, before the finish to the summit.

 Someone please help me out with the exact kind of bird this is (a type of falcon I presume).  

 The rocky finish to the peak.

 Huzzah!  The peak, at 2,517 ft.

 The sweat stain says it all.

 Well, time to head back down.

If you're looking for a great hike in the South / East Bay, I recommend Mission Peak.

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