Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mead, Mangum, and Sharks (odds and ends)

April's such a gorgeous month in Northern California.  It's also a month when pretty much every indie rock act heads through the area en route to / from Coachella.  And it's also when playoff hockey starts.  What follows is a lazy Saturday afternoon blog post about drinking with friends, live music, and the Sharks.  It's short, I promise - about as short as the Sharks' series with the Blues (what, you think I'm going to stay inside all day doing blog posts? Pfffff...).

 My best man and Suzanne's maid of honor went with us to Rabbit's Foot Meadery in Sunnyvale two Fridays ago for some fantastic beverages.  I've been once before, but I was itching to get everyone to come with me.

 We all did the $5 tasting, which gets you two meads (sweet mead and raspberry mead), three ciders (we had honey apple, apricot, and a hard lemonade), three beers (I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of the beer; we had a Kolsch, an Irish red, and a honey stout, which was the best of the three), and a chocolate honey mead sort of port.  Like all of us, Suzanne liked their ciders even more than their meads.  

 As you may have guessed, these two are an item.  Speaking of items, the menu board behind them lists many of their offerings, although it's probably too hard to read unless you click on the image.

 Four days later I went with a different friend to see Jeff Mangum perform his third and final Bay Area show at the Fox Theatre, Oakland.  He's the former frontman for the acclaimed and oddly-monikered band Neutral Milk Hotel.

Even if I wasn't already on spring break, this would have been a teacher friendly show.  Mangum whipped through 14 NMH songs in around 65 minutes.  They were all amazing, and I was extra happy to get home before 11:45pm.  I know, I'm a pussy in my old age.

 Two nights ago I was given a free lower level single ticket to Game 4 of the NHL Quarterfinals series between the San Jose Sharks and the St. Louis Blues.  The Sharks were down 2 - 1 in the series, and instead of tying it up they face elimination having lost the game.

The Blues are fortunate to have ditched Davis Payne and to have hired Ken Hitchcock, who won the Stanley Cup with Dallas in 1999 (booooooo, foot in the crease, etc etc).  He's a shoe-in for the Jack Adams, and is very likely going to take them to the Western Conference Final, assuming they get through the Los Angeles Kings first.

Ok, time to get out and enjoy my weekend.  Adios.

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