Tuesday, April 24, 2012

M83 @ Fillmore, SF (photos)

Last night I went with my fiancee to see the French band M83 perform the second of their two sold out shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco.  Here's the setlist, and here are some photos.

 The Swedish band I Break Horses opened; their interpretation of shoegaze music was a compliment to M83 without being identical or somnambulistic.

I will admit, Maria Linden's cloak made her look like Little Red Riding Hood at times.

 M83 opened their show with an extraterrestrial visitor (I assume it's Morgan Kibby, seen below, in the outfit, but I dunno).

 Morgan Kibby, the keyboardist / vocalist.

 Frontman Anthony Gonzalez at center, with new touring bandmate Jordan Lawlor, who won an audition to be in the band just months ago.

 It was a good decision to pick Lawlor, because his stage presence (and hair!) rivaled the best of them, especially when he was banging on what I think was a table-top electronic drum.

 Anthony rocks out.

 Jordan gets into it.

Note the hair.

For a review of the night before, click here.  For a more negative hipper-than-thou review (not without its good points, although points #3 and 4 are just lame critiques of the band itself), click here.

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