Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Minnesota - Part 3

Before our early evening Sharks - Wild hockey game, Patrick and I wanted to see a little bit more of St. Paul, MN.  Here's what we did.

 This is the Church of the Assumption, the second most famous church in St. Paul after the massive cathedral (below).

 The church was across the street from Mickey's Diner, where we went for breakfast.  The diner looks like an old railroad dining car from the outside.

 Patrick's breakfast looked hearty.

 The Landmark Center, St. Paul's, um, landmark building...

 The mighty Mississippi, which we would cross to get to our next attraction.

 It wasn't too bad, weather-wise.  But I was still prepared for the cold.

 The Wabasha Street Caves, which are man-made mines that used to host mobsters and the like.

 Snoopy's a gangster in my book, no matter how he's dressed.

 We wanted a later tour, and the only one was the ghost tour.  Allegedly, the caves are haunted, and this bar extremely so.  Meh... didn't see or feel anything.

 One of the caves.

 This photo is what they show you as "proof" of ghosts.  Behind the boy holding the balloon is a supposed ghost, who apparently talked to the boy during a party.  Make of it what you will.

 We walked back to the north side of St. Paul, and by their massive public library.

 Then we continued uphill to the Cathedral of St. Paul.

 Patrick enjoyed the exercise.

 The Xcel Energy Center is on the right.

 The state capitol, seen from the cathedral steps.

 A mass was in progress, so I snapped a photo and we went on our way.

 The cathedral is the centerpiece of the Summit-Selby neighborhood of St. Paul, which was home to such authors as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, and August Wilson.  The houses are incredible.

 One such example was the James J. Hill House.

 The James J. Hill House

 Colorful homes line the main artery.

 And ghostly white ones do too... spookier than the caves, if you ask me.

After walking off all of our earlier calories, it was time to ingest some new ones at dinner, near the arena.  We got stuck downstairs since we were wearing Sharks gear in a sea of green and red Wild jerseys... kidding of course.

Coming up = the game itself.  Stay tuned.

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