Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Orleans, LA - Day 13 Part 3: K-Paul but no Chris Paul

Our crazy January 30th wasn't quite done; after doing a tour of the Garden District, followed by an extended visit to the Ogden Museum of Art, we were ready for some grub and a game... specifically, the famous NOLA restaurant K-Paul, and my first live NBA game, between the New Orleans Hornets and the Phoenix Suns.

We had walked by K-Paul's restaurant the night before, and I recalled that my buddy Patrick highly recommended the place. Unfortunately, they were booked for that night, but they had a couple spots left for the following evening... so here we are in line with the hungry masses.

Chef Paul Prudhomme is rather famous, so we were curious about what we were in store for.

Suzanne was all smiles.

I realize this photo isn't exactly the most flattering, but this dish (duck and shrimp - yes, duck and shrimp) was extremely delicious. The meat was perfect, and the sauce was killer. I suppose the presentation could have been a bit better for the amount I paid, but oh well.

All in all, a good yet expensive meal. Three stars out of four.

A short cab ride later, we arrived at the New Orleans Arena, home of the NBA's Hornets. As mentioned above, I had never been to a live professional basketball game before (sorry Warriors), so I was ready for anything.

I know next to nothing about basketball, except that Steve Nash is pretty good and he's Canadian. I don't know my point guards from my shooting guards, but baby steps, baby steps...

Apologies for the blurred image, but these Hornets fans Bee-lieved in their team.

I paid $50 for a pair of tickets in the lower bowl. Good deal.

I was rooting for New Orleans, but since Chris Paul had been dealt to the Clippers, I didn't really know any of the other Hornets players by name. So my camera mostly targeted Steve Nash (seen here beyond the distracting blow up tubes).

Standard arena concourse seen everywhere.

Sigh... New Orleans began their shortened season 2 and 0, but tonight would be the start of a long losing streak (six straight games).

Furthermore, including those 2 wins in December, New Orleans would only win a total of 4 games before February 13th, when they decided to go on a 3-game winning streak that they're currently trying to build off of. But when your record is 4 - 23 through February 12th, you're not going to be seeing any playoff action.

Clearly I was a bad luck charm for the Hornets, so I bid adieu to their arena and promised I would spare them my company for the remainder of my existence.

I think the team's support is in good hands, however.

Coming up = New Year's Eve with the Black Lips.

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