Friday, February 17, 2012

New Orleans, LA - Day 13 Part 2: Ogden Museum of Southern Art

After our Garden District tour, we went from the Avenue Pub to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, where I lost myself in brushstrokes for a bit.

"The Deceiver of the Whole World" (1964-9) by Rev. McKendree Robbins Long

"Leander Perez" (1992) by Herbert Singleton

"Panorama of Baptism on Cane River" (1945) by Clementine Hunter

Detail of "Steamer New York, Steaming Upriver" (1989) by Michael Frolich

"Self Portrait" by George Dureau

"Dinner at Galatoire's" (1962) by George Dureau

The windows were designed to turn vantage points into framed subjective artwork.

Suzanne is quite the photobomber.

"The Banquet Celebrating the Descent of the Angel Rescuing the Frog" (1997) by Robert Warrens

Probably my favorite piece in the museum = the late Jack Stewart's "The Icons of Western Art Communicating with the Third Millennium" (2001)

Indeed, the icons of Western art... but they're on their cell phones.

The birth of Venus' cell phone bill...

Click on this for a list of the parodies.

The museum itself is nice to wander through.

"Young Life" (1994) by Bo Bartlett

"Farewell" (1943) by Richard Witt

"The Crap Shooters" (1936) by Christopher Clark

Detail of "Evening Meal, Duck Hill, Mississippi" (1934) by John McCrady

"The Parade" (1950), also by John McCrady

A detail of "The Parade"

"Ships in the River" (1942) by Will Henry Stevens

Coming up next = my first live NBA game, followed by New Year's Eve festivities.

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Anonymous said...

I was able to see all of these shows last weekend and was absolutely blown away by the depth and breadth of different work on display. I highly encourage anyone within distance of the Ogden to get out and see these shows. It is rare that one can visit a museum and everything is of worth value to see. This collection of exhibitions is one of those opportunities. GO!