Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Orleans, LA - Day 13 Part 1: Garden District Tour

Because I never finished posting the rest of my New Orleans pics, I thought I'd hurry up and do so, especially because I want to get to more recent events (Sharks @ Capitals, wooooo). Here is Part 1 of Day 13 (a three-part saga!), in which we took a tour of the Garden District, which is quite removed from the wild French Quarter.

We joined up with a local guide at a bookstore in the Garden District, and began by walking to the Lafayette Cemetery, down the block.

I had been to the St Louis Cemetery #1 in NOLA during my previous trip, but I hadn't even been to the Garden District or its cemeteries before.

Although much of what our guide told us has slipped my feeble mind, it was a worthwhile tour.

It was a fairly crowded cemetery, no doubt because of the lead-up to New Year's (when New Orleans' population swells).
Suzanne marches ahead.

Bodies / coffins would be stacked one upon the other in a tomb.

And there were a lot of tombs.

Just outside the cemetery - the Commander's Palace, an amazing restaurant (we had reservations for the following morning).

Pretty lady in a pretty good mood. :-)

The next part of our tour consisted of walking by the famous mansions of the district. The French painter Edgar Degas stayed in this house with relatives during his extended stay in New Orleans.

Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) once lived in this house before selling it to none other than John Goodman, who currently lives here full time (so we were told).

We had a decent amount of people in our group.

This is novelist and NOLA native Anne Rice's former longtime residence.

The Garden District is just dripping with atmosphere.

Archie Manning (father of Peyton and Eli)'s home.

Colonel Short's villa, famous for its highly unusual cornstalk cast iron fence.

More of the fence.

And a bit of the history.

After our tour, we hopped on the St Charles streetcar (after waiting a LONG time, most of which was spent talking to a highly gregarious and unusual homeless person).

We had lunch at the Avenue Pub, home of a ridiculously awesome selection of beer.

Suzanne was quite taken with the place.

The blurriness of this photo is symbolic of my mind's state at the time (mostly joking, but check out the number of taps!).

Move over poutine - the Avenue Pub's Dump Truck Fries have you beat. No contest (and I loooooove poutine).

Coming up next - a trip to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, followed by Part 3 - a New Orleans Hornets basketball game.

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