Friday, February 24, 2012

Columbus, OH - Part 3 (Columbus Museum of Art)

My big activity before the Sharks - Blue Jackets game on Tuesday was going to the Columbus Museum of Art. Here are some of my favorite pieces of art.

A humble exterior belies a wealth of art inside.

"Church Square, Montmagny" (1908) by Maurice Utrillo

"The Breakfast" (1885) by Edgar Degas

"The Assassination" (1890) by James Ensor... not for the faint of heart, although a favorite of the female owner who bequeathed it to the museum.

"Cathedral" (1920), Lyonel Feininger's only known painting to use circles as a geometric design.

Pleasantly presented artwork.

"The Anointing of David by Samuel" (1842) by Francois-Leon Benouville

The galleries were set amidst magnificent hallways like this.

"Jane Reed and Dora Hunt" (1941) by Clarence Holbrook Carter (the women are picking up lumps of coal dropped by the train).

"Come to Supper" (1939) by Dale Nichols

A detail of the same

"Lunch" (1964) by George Tooker... a commentary on social communion between ethnicities.
Va va voom! = "Hudson Bay Fur Company" (1932) by Reginald Marsh

"Jefferson Market Courthouse" (1935) by Francis Hyman Criss

Some of the 35 glass boats of Lino Tagliapietra's "Endeavor" (1998-2003)

"Red Coats (Fold Out)" (1973) by Larry Rivers

"Raphael and the Baker's Daughter" (1840) by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

"Morning After the Wedding (The Chambermaids)" (1957) by Norman Rockwell

"Lover's Dream" (1935) by Federico Castellon

"Man Is Man (The Confused Process of Becoming)" (1946) by Emerson C. Burkhart (a painting of his fellow Columbus, OH painter Roman Johnson)

Um, tumbleweeds...

"Earth: Vertumnus and Pomona" (1749) by Francois Boucher

One such gallery of the museum.

"Christ Triumphant Over Sin and Death" (1615-20) by Peter Paul Rubens and studio

"The Mediterranean (Cap d'Antibes)" (1888) by Claude Monet

"Portrait of a Young Woman" (1898) by Mary Cassatt

"Houses at the Foot of a Cliff (Saint-Valery-sur-Somme)" (1895-98) by Edgar Degas, one of his rare and secret landscapes.

"Boy with Cattle" (1906) by Pablo Picasso

"Schokko with Red Hat" (1909) by Alexej Jawlensky

"The Swimmer" (1924) by Yasuo Kuniyoshi

"Weda Cook" (1891) by Thomas Eakins

"Carmela Bertagna" (1880) by John Singer Sargent

Coming up next = my second NBA game, in America's second city


Catherine said...

excellent pictures. and commentary. :-)

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