Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Columbus, OH - Part 1 (pre-game)

Since I have the week off from work, I decided to take in two Sharks games on the road. My first stop = Columbus, Ohio. Here's what I did before the game.

My hostel was a twenty minute walk from (THE) Ohio State University.

Nice (and LARGE) campus.

St. John Arena, home of the Buckeyes' basketball team for a number of years.

Ohio Stadium, aka "The Horseshoe."

This was all I could spy of the turf.

I had an errand to run for my Buckeye fan friend back home, so I went into the store.

Unfortunately, their jersey selection consisted primarily of Terrelle Pryor jerseys, which no Buckeye in his right mind would wear right now.

I quickly toured the rest of the campus before making my way downtown.

The former president of Ohio State, in statue form.

Ballsy... very ballsy.

Ohio Statehouse

Local landmark sign

Columbus' downtown is decent.

There's quite a bit of history, after all.

And some nice buildings.

Oh, and Dave Thomas got his start here, too.

If you read this blog, you know I like art.

So I went to the Columbus Museum of Art, which will be the subject of a later post, simply because I took too many photos.

More downtown buildings.

I popped into the Elevator Brewery for a brew and dinner; it's very close to the arena (which is below the Nationwide tower).

I recommend the fish and chips, and the Three Frogs IPA.

Very clever use of advertising.

"Gotta see them before they're traded..."

I had too much time on my hands, so before I went inside the arena, I popped over to Barley's Brewery for a bunch of samplers. Their Blood Thirst Wheat (made with blood oranges, from what it tasted like) was unusual and fantastic. I also liked one of their two Scottish ales (but not the other one), and their stout. The rest was so-so.

Coming up = the game itself, which didn't quite go as expected.

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