Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lynchburg, TN - Day 5

The morning after our Kentucky excursion, we planned to go to Huntsville, AL and Lynchburg, TN. However, our bodies said SLEEP, and we ditched the Huntsville part of our plans. We had lunch reservations at Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House in Lynchburg, so we used the time zones to our advantage (Chattanooga is in Eastern Time while Lynchburg is an hour behind) and left around noon ET. Here are the photo highlights.

When driving west of Chattanooga, large fireworks stores are prominent (especially due to the lead up to New Year's).

Miss Mary Bobo's is fairly well-known in this part of the country.

It was amazing that we were able to get a reservation for 4 people (it was completely booked for the day otherwise).

Miss Mary Bobo's serves country-style food in a communal seating. Even the hostess ate with us (she sat immediately to my right, so I was on extra good behavior!).

Brownie pie for dessert - yum!

However, Miss Mary Bobo's is only the second most famous institution in Lynchburg. Number one needs no introduction = here's the man behind it all.

The tour of Jack Daniel's Distillery was extremely impressive, although we had to put up with the rain.

My girlfriend was digging it.

The most photogenic part of the tour, by the little cave / grotto.

It was so loud because of the rain that I couldn't hear the tour guide, but this area is important to the distillery.

Lucky for her I'm not the jealous type.

Suck on this, teetotalers!

Portraits of all the master distillers.

The original building (I think).

Onward with the tour (no photos inside, unlike Maker's Mark).

I liked this tour even more than Maker's Mark (which was pleasant enough).

But the one knock against it is that there isn't any whiskey tasting, since (irony of ironies) the distillery is located in a dry county. Stupid antiquated laws. Oh well, here's the lemonade...

Lynchburg's courthouse.

After driving back to Lookout Mountain, we crossed over to the Georgian side to go to the Canyon Grill for dinner. It's regarded as one of the top 10 restaurants in the whole state.

I had a filet mignon burger, sans bun. It was delicious.

My girlfriend was loving it as well.

Coming up next = the weirdest museum in Tennessee.

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ZeroIndulgence said...

OK, the fact that the JACK DANIELS distillery is located in a dry county made me laugh. Well played, Tennessee...