Saturday, January 7, 2012

International Towing Museum, Chattanooga - Day 6

After a couple of days of road trips in the region, it was nice to just stay in Chattanooga. But we just had to do something with our day... so we went down the mountain to its base, where the International Towing and Recovery Museum is located. Wait, what?!?

That's right folks, the tow truck was invented in Chattanooga; hence the location of the museum (which used to be a touring museum).

There are a surprising number of old rigs (polished and restored to perfection).

When you need your tow in a hurry, this one's got you covered = the world's fastest wrecker.

The g.f. was having fun trying out the kiddie rides.

This was my favorite = "Dad."

Pretty bad a**.

Logo on a different wrecker - gotta love it.

One of the wreckers had a Canadian flag on one side...

...and the stars and stripes on the other. Go North America.

There was a wall full of children's towing toys.

This wrecker saw action in WWII.

The museum also has a hall of fame (hold your snickering).

Here's a Bay Area boy.

Because it's the international museum of towing, there are many non-Americans, like this Scottish lad.

There are also women included (although let's face it, it's a typically male profession).

Outside the museum is a Vietnam Memorial-type place of remembrance for those that died while working.

It was quite moving.

After the museum we went to have dinner at Urban Stack. Here's a look at Lookout Mountain from the street.

We were ecstatic to be back a second time.

Bacon manhattan! The perfect warm-up to their awesome bacon burger.

Coming up = Great Smokies.

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