Monday, January 30, 2012

Dustin Proposes to Girl, Girl Says Yes, World Fails to Collapse Upon Itself As Promised - Story at 11

On Saturday, January 28th, 2012, Dustin proposed to his girlfriend, Suzanne, in San Jose, CA. He was supposed to propose to her in sunny Big Sur, on a clifftop or dangling from a tree limb or something similarly romantic, but the powers that be - namely, the deli at Whole Foods Blossom Hill - decided to give his girlfriend food poisoning on Friday night [update = everyone at Suzanne's work got food poisoning, so the deli is innocent; please don't sue for libel, Whole Foods].

As bad as this was for Dustin, this was far worse for Suzanne. Compassionate boyfriend / fiancee-to-be that he is, Dustin did his best to nurse his girlfriend back to health as swiftly as possible, so Dustin's well-thought-out romantic plans would be realized.

Because here's what he envisioned:

Dustin envisioned putting a rock the size of Gibraltar on his girlfriend's finger while the Big Sur breeze swept through her hair.

He envisioned the sunlight taking root in the margins of the 1.19 karat emerald diamond and bursting forth with blinding exactitude. He also envisioned snobbish prose, apparently.

Dustin's clear vision was marred by the myriad options of a proposal site. Would it be here, with Bixby Bridge in the distance and a plethora of rocks and arches in the foreground?

Or would it be a stone's throw from the bridge itself? After all, "bridge" contains the word "bride," thought the reigning champion of the bar trivia circuit.

Although this option would have been fairly inconsiderate when factoring in Suzanne's acrophobia, not to mention Dustin's clumsiness when handling expensive (albeit insured) jewelry.

See how happy Suzanne is in Dustin's vision? Notice she is not looking down.

Dustin is also fairly happy in Dustin's vision, because he is looking at Suzanne.

To celebrate the envisioned vision of proposal, Dustin envisioned taking Suzanne to her favorite Big Sur restaurant.

Where they could relax and take in the million dollar views...

And think fondly about their upcoming lives together, instead of the massive bill awaiting them.

Dustin is a fairly romantic guy after all... a bit of a dork, but lovably so. Or so he envisions.

* * * * * * * * *

However, food poisoning is pretty ghastly, and Suzanne and Dustin were equally discouraged by the former's lack of progress in terms of health restoration that Saturday afternoon. Dustin let his girlfriend nap for a few hours, and went out bitterly for bitter beers with friends, confused and dejected by the curve balls of life.

Later that day, Dustin, somewhere in that territory between sober and intoxicated, thought soberly for a moment about his well-thought-out proposal plans, before deciding to throw caution to the wind and proposing to her anyway, as she lay sick in bed.

Which, upon sobering up, he actually did.

Fortunately for reckless Dustin, Suzanne acquiesced to his deman... er, agreed to marry him. She wore a wonderful smile from then on, including the following day when she was temporarily well enough to actually go out to Big Sur with Dustin after church to take the above photos...

Just like Dustin envisioned. :-)

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What a guy!

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