Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pixies @ Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

On Monday night, the Pixies closed out their "Lost Cities" tour, in which they played their classic album Doolittle in its entirety. Fortunately for me, their final date was a short drive away in Santa Cruz, CA. Even more fortunately for me, I bought a ticket before they sold out (which was pretty fast).

Opening was the Winnipeg band, Imaginary Cities. Decent.

The Pixies came out following a sped-up version of Un Chien Andalou, the classic short film by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel.

I'm too young to have enjoyed the Pixies during their heyday, but I saw them in Washington state during their first reunion tour in 2005.

It was good seeing them much closer up than at the Sasquatch Festival.

Joey Santiago, pride of the Philippines.

The band had interesting visuals behind them - including videos of themselves.

Frank Black's voice was still sharp (I think that's the best adjective), and David Lovering's drumming was solid.

After the band played Doolittle in its entirety, they took leave of the crowd.

They also celebrated their road crew.

Is it possible that this is the last Pixies show ever? It certainly is for the time being.

Of course the band would come back for an encore... and they sent fog straight into the crowd just for the occasion.

The final song of the night was "Gigantic," sung by Kim Deal.

Great show - check out the setlist here.

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