Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blind Pilot @ Great American Music Hall (photos)

Last night (Saturday) I went to see the "indie folk" band Blind Pilot at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. For the benefit of those who are going to the show today (Sunday), I thought I'd post some photos. I don't have their set list, sorry.

Portland-based band Port Juncture, WA opened the first of the two shows - I really enjoyed their style and arrangement of music. Sadly, the crowd decided to try and drown out their music with talking. Why people show up to a concert early just to talk is beyond me...

Blind Pilot isn't just lead singer Israel, but he's certainly the focal point of the band. this photo seems to illustrate.

The band's set began just before 10:30pm...

...and didn't end until midnight (including encore).

The lighting was very good at points.

I was quite taken by it.

Did I mention that I liked the lighting? :-P

The end of the show was pretty cool = Blind Pilot came onto the floor and the audience sat down to listen to an entirely unplugged song. Some people can't stay quiet to save their lives, but the audience was mostly compliant with the band's wishes.

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