Saturday, October 8, 2011

World's largest corn maze, Dixon, CA

For the past few years, Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, CA, has held the record for the world's largest corn maze. I wasn't able to make it last year, so I made sure to budget time for it this year. It's definitely worth the $10 - whatever you do, don't lose your map!

My buddy Nathan and I entered the maze right at sunset. Bring a flashlight if you're like us.

Nathan hams it up.

There are 3 different platforms that mark your progress throughout the maze. This is the first.

Nathan is immersed in the maize... see what I did there?

This is the third station...

...but first you have to go here!

Some paths are wider than others.

We made it to the second station, completely in the dark.


...he made me tinkle.

Woooooo, third and final station! Not out of the maze yet, however.

We made it through in just over 90 minutes - and that was with us running in the dark (not recommended, almost twisted my ankle on multiple occasions).

The maze is open through the first week of November. Hop to it!

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