Tuesday, October 4, 2011

San Diego Zoo, Labor Day Weekend 2011

A major highlight of any visit to San Diego is the world-famous zoo... and I had never been before. Here's a quick summary of my 4+ hour visit.

This wasn't in the zoo itself, but rather on the streets near it. Thought it was funny.

Primates grooming

An ibis from Madagascar

A crocodile staying stock-still

Pensive gorilla

That's one way to take a photo

The gorillas went ape for lettuce... see what I did there? Groan.

I had fun taking this photo.

A crowned eagle

It was very active, if not a bit aggressive.

Malayan tiger

Albino Burmese python

There was a long line to see the pandas... not sure it was worth it.

A dog and a cheetah occupied the same cage... interesting relationship.

This rhino looks depressed.

The zoo is in Balboa Park; the tower is an additional icon of the park (part of a museum).

Don't look down...

Galapagos tortoise


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