Sunday, September 25, 2011

Los Angeles en route to San Diego, Labor Day Weekend 2011

Truth be told, I venture outside of the state and country more often than I go to Southern California. I think it's the smell... kidding. Here's Part One of my Labor Day Weekend fun.

First, I made it down Friday night to a buddy's place in Glendale. Not a bad part of Los Angeles County.

A major highlight of Glendale is Porto's Cuban Bakery.

Their sandwiches and savory pastries are incredible.

I had never been to Griffith Observatory, so my buddy Rob took me up there. Surprise surprise, LA has smog.

The James Lick Observatory in San Jose isn't as easy to visit as the Griffith, which gets tons of tourists, especially on weekends.

Rebel Without a Cause was partly filmed up here... ah, Hollywood.

The observatory is a major complex.

The observatory's first exhibit, the Foucault pendulum (1935).

The observatory has great views over (smoggy) Los Angeles.

I have no idea what type of telescope this is, but it looked easy to operate... (cough).

The architecture of the place is very fetching.

This pillar honors various astronomers throughout history.

Next stop, Orange County to see Mission San Juan Capistrano, before venturing onward to San Diego County. To be continued...

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