Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Part 2

I was pretty lazy in Rio... after Ipanema and Corcovado, I only did a few other things. Here's the rest of my time in The Marvelous City.

The Jardim Botanico (Botanical Garden) in Rio is a must-see.

The Avenue of Palms, just inside the entrance

It was almost sunset, and I wanted to see Rio at nighttime from above; so I went to Pao de Acucar, commonly known in English as Sugarloaf Mountain. The only way up was by gondola (about $40 US).

The first of two gondola rides.

Copacabana is the curve on the left (Ipanema is behind it, not in view).

Pedra da Gavea in the distance, the world's largest monolith on a coastline.

Dinner was at Frontera, with friends. Frontera serves all-you-can-eat pizza, including at least a half-dozen different dessert pizzas (chocolate and various other things substituted for cheese and toppings). This particular slice had bananas.

Matt, from England, mocks my American-ness.

Daniel from Norway also mocks me.

Daniel, Ingrid, and Matt all liked Frontera as much as I did.

Copacabana (Sugarloaf is to the right, but invisible for the fog)

Arpoador, the small peninsula that separates Copa from Ipanema

Some fat dude... ;-)

I'm a sucker for moon shots.

Last night in Rio... I passed by this church and peeked in.

Then I went for a beer at a Belgian-style cafe. This was the cheapest (I was low on local currency).

The pub was right next to my old hostel in Ipanema.

One of the guys that came out to the pub was this fellow from Egypt. I'm not used to seeing Egyptians abroad. He had saved up for three years and was vacationing in Latin America for a few months.

After Rio, I would take the long way home, by taking return flights to each of the places I had been previously. To be continued...

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ZeroIndulgence said...

So, yeah, Rio looks like a super gorgeous city. Those pictures of the sunset, and then the city at night....suuuuper jealous!