Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Part 1

Buenos Aires was supposed to be my time to relax, but because of cancelled flights on account of the volcano, it was anything but. Fortunately, I had booked five nights in Rio de Janeiro, which was definitely a relaxing finish to my South American vacation.

I stayed 3 nights in Ipanema, before going east to Copacabana for 2 nights. The intersections were a bit colorful in Ipanema.

It stopped raining upon my arrival, so the beach was busy on account of the good weather.

Go nuts for coconuts...

Because it was a clear day, I decided to see Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) on Corcovado. Everyone else in Rio had the same idea, apparently.

Ipanema, with the lake in the foreground and the Atlantic in the background. Not sure what those islands are called.

I included this white-washed shot to show how large the pedestal alone was.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, with Ipanema in the background

The crowds crushed into a little annex of the observation deck for a shot of Sugarloaf (seen just right of center).

Too much money... sigh.

The wounds are visible in His hands (sorry for the out of focus shot).

Sugarloaf was another day's trip.

Everyone does the arms pose...

I have no idea what this critter is called, but it was very relaxed and curious.

I'm not used to seeing the moon in daytime in July.

Driving back to Ipanema, we passed this church, I think in Botafogo.

It was Saturday in Rio, which meant one thing = feijoada, a traditional pork stew usually reserved for the weekend.

Ipanema is awesome at all times of day (although be careful after sunset).

I went with a group from my hostel around the lake by foot, to this pizzeria. It's famous in Sao Paulo, and its two branches in Rio were well regarded.

It's official - I'm a dork. Also, I ordered more pizza besides pepperoni.

Chopp, the local draught... with a little too much foam.

The next day I walked around the Lagoa, which I highly recommend.

From the right angle, Cristo looks a bit like Batman looking down on Gotham.

This was a club on a little island in the lake.

The warm weather called for a coconut for refreshment.

I was loving life, and loving Rio. To be continued...

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