Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

One of my greatest weaknesses is the desire to cross borders. Just an hour from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the small historic city of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. I spent a half-day there, and don't regret it one bit.

I previously saw Homer in Santiago de Chile, so it's fitting that he decided to follow me around, this time to the ferry terminal in Buenos Aires. Off topic = this photo makes Krusty look like a perv.

The ferry to Colonia crosses the Rio de la Plata, the second widest river in the world. The lighthouse is one of the first things you see on arrival.

The ruins of the bullring (and the only photo of me in Uruguay).

Uruguay's flag has much in common with Argentina's.

I was one of a handful of English speakers, and had the privilege of a certain Eugenia being my tour guide.

The historic entrance to the town (now the touristy entrance to the historic part).

The church had been rebuilt a number of times, if my memory serves me.

For lunch, I feasted on a sampler of various meats...

...which included the dreaded blood sausage. I only had a tiny bit (tasted like nutmeg).

Because the historic center is rather small, I went out to a local winery for something different. By the way, it was very cold here, despite the foliage.

Bodega Bernardi is family owned and operated.

One of the Bernardis is in the middle; she is flanked by tourists from Venezuela.

After getting back into town, I went up the lighthouse for some views.

I was cutting it close... that's my ferry in the distance, about to leave.

I recommend Colonia, should you tire of the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, or if you're simply looking for an introduction to Uruguay. I know I want to return.

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