Monday, July 25, 2011

Santiago, Chile

After Peru, my plans were to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a week to hang out with a buddy of mine. However, the volcano in Chile had caused an ash cloud to hover over much of Argentina, meaning I couldn't go there. Ironically, the one place I COULD go was Chile itself... so I spent two days in Santiago before finally making it to Argentina.

The scene at Lima's airport after it was announced that my flight was cancelled (not to mention other flights out of Lima).

Arrival in Santiago... love those mountains.

Poor Albania... oh wait, me, too. ($140, ouch)

My hostel's living room, complete with a dog and a bunny (near the heater).

Wait, did I land in Beijing?

Gotta represent! Plus it was freezing there (well, by California standards).

Barney on the subway... nothing to see here.

Colorful metro stop.

Even more color.

One of my favorite things about Santiago was how close the towering Andes were.

Palm trees... a nice touch in winter.

Exterior of the art museum.

Yours truly inside.

A painting by Roger Raveel.

A painting by Jose Basso, I think.

Lots of veins (statue by Rebeca Matte)

Christ statue by Virginio Arias

Que tal, hombre?

Santiago's main plaza, Plaza de Armas (I think it was called that)

The plaza attracted large crowds

I joined a free tour (tips only), which I highly recommend


This unusual statue honors the native peoples of Chile

The presidential palace

"None shall pass!"

A statue of the president deposed by Pinochet, Salvador Allende (most believe he was murdered, and did not commit suicide as was the official story)

Our tour visited this wine bar

Santiago's river is, in the words of the local tour guide, pathetic... but I still like this shot.

Dinner after the tour = beef cazuela (I barely ate any of it, it was so big)

The hostel bunny was pretty cool.

Day 2 = nice mountains, good visibility.

Pablo Neruda's house

Neruda's profile in graffiti

A llama being walked through the street (not at all normal in Santiago)

The tour of Neruda's house was interesting

This building was designed to look like a cell phone, since it's a telecommunications building (built in the 9o's)

Homer Simpson and Barney in the same city... weird.

Homero seemed a little pissed I didn't pay for this photo...

A quick peek inside Santiago's cathedral

The pre-Columbian art museum was fairly interesting (not too much art from Chile, however)

Finally, it was time to leave for Buenos Aires, the ash cloud being manageable. Here's a view of the Andes en route to the airport.

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