Monday, July 25, 2011

Cuzco and Lima (Miraflores), Peru

After seeing Machu Picchu, I gradually made my way back to Cuzco before flying all the way back to Lima. Here are photos of my last full day in Peru (yes, my time there was short) before heading onward.

The streets in Cuzco can be on the narrow side.

It was winter there, so stormy weather wasn't so unusual.

A monastery in the historic center.

La Compania church, Plaza de Armas

A float inside La Catedral, Plaza de Armas

Another float

Inside La Catedral

View of La Catedral from the balcony of La Compania

Wet and rainy Plaza de Armas

The coastal road to Miraflores, Lima

Paragliders over Miraflores

I really wanted to do this, but it was either this or ceviche (see below).

The lighthouse (El Faro) in Miraflores

A very nice area of Lima, if not the best.


I ate all of my ceviche before I realized that I should have taken a photo of it. (burp)

Gorgeous sunset over the Pacific

A look down the other direction of the coast, from the cliffs

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