Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photo Nostalgia - Jordan, 2007

During my land trek from Greece to Egypt in 2007, I passed through the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Here are some photos; the details are sparse (apologies).
Ancient Roman city of Jerash, one of the cities of the Decapolis


Theatre at Jerash


Roman soldier reenactment at Jerash

Roman amphitheatre in Jordan's capital, Amman (ancient Philadelphia)

World's largest non-supported flagpole, Amman

Driving in western Jordan

Yours truly afloat in the Dead Sea (I preferred the Jordanian side to the far more touristed Israeli side)

Orthodox church near the eastern banks of the Jordan River

The Jordan River, from the Jordanian side; the West Bank (Israeli controlled) is on the left

The traditional location of Jesus Christ's baptism; the flow of the river has changed over the centuries, so no water currently flows here (the river is just behind those trees in the background)

Overlooking the city I stayed in near Petra

Camel in Wadi Rum, my favorite desert in the world

Bedouin shepherd in Wadi Rum

Our group in Wadi Rum

Yours truly on a natural arch in Wadi Rum

Our camp for the night in Wadi Rum (I slept outside on an elevated cot to see the stars... highly recommended)

My Danish amigo tackles one hill while I photograph him from another

Entrance to Petra

Al-Siq (English = "the shaft"), leading to the world-famous Treasury

The Treasury of Petra

Overlooking Petra

The Monastery at Petra (if you're in decent health and go to Petra without doing the hike to the Monastery, you have my sympathy but not my respect)

Another view of the Treasury, after a full day at Petra

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