Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sharks @ Boston Bruins, Feb. 5, 2011

Two weeks ago my buddy Patrick and I trekked out from unusually sunny California (ha!) to the chilly climes of Boston, Taxachusetts, to see OUR BELOVED LOS TIBURONES (how I despise you, Mark Purdy) play an Original Six team, the Boston Bruins.
Patrick and I took separate red-eye flights that both arrived at 5:30am at Logan International. We then cabbed it to our hotel, the Radisson, which mercifully let us check in at 6am. This was the view from the 21st floor.

We arrived Saturday morning to the sight of heaps of snow throughout the city. Fortunately our flights were not impacted by the midwest storms, as we flew around the remnants thereof.

It was Patrick's first time in Boston (my second time), so we went through the Public Garden (seen here) and the adjacent Boston Common before heading to our 1pm game.

Patrick was pleased to be on his second NHL road trip (the first was last season against Chicago, for Jeremy Roenick night).

Statue of George Dubya in the Public Garden

The squirrels in Boston Common seemed jolly enough in the snow.

The Freedom Trail starts in Boston Common and snakes through Beantown. We would see some of the sights over the course of our 3-day weekend.

Unusual statue with the MA State House in the background.
TD Garden, home of the Boston Bruins.

There were a fair amount of Sharks fans in the audience (including the two at left).

Right as we walked in there was memorabilia on a table. Joe Thornton's autographed Bruins jersey especially caught our eye.

After the Detroit Red Wings (boo), the Bruins have the second-most Stanley Cups of all the American teams. However, it's been nearly 40 years since their last one (1972). By the way, the facility is shared with the Boston Celtics (whose green and white banners can be seen in the back).

Patrick and I were economically forced into upper tier seats, at the oh-so-low scalper price of $150. EGAD. Lowers were around $300. At least ours were the second row of the upper deck.

Twenty-three arenas down, seven to go.

Mark Recchi said that last year would be his final season in the NHL; he lied, and has been tearing it up this season as he approaches Paul Coffey's point total (12th most in NHL history; as of last night, Recchi is six points from tying him). Guaranteed Hall of Famer (sorry for the blurry upper deck photo).

Warm-ups; note the recently departed Derek Joslin (#65) on the spokes.

Two wild and crazy guys... one of whom has been to Bratislava. :-P

There were classy cheers for Joe Thornton, in what was his third return to Boston since his trade five years ago.

Dear San Jose Sharks organization, please make this happen. Sincerely, A Teacher.

I've been to plenty of crazy arenas, but the Garden just might be the loudest. I can only imagine what it was like in here the following week when the hated Habs came to town.

Patrick's camera picked up all the interesting in-game shots, so I'll summarize our 2-0 victory by saying the Sharks had possibly their best defensive game of the season, winning all the little battles. The Bruins goalie, Tim Thomas (go USA) had a stellar game, but the sole goal he let up to Logan Couture (sweet backhand!) stood up to be the game-winner. Devin Setoguchi added an empty-netter as insurance.

Winning on road trips (especially single-game road trips) always brightens the mood. We would have had drinks in Faneuil Hall (seen here), but we had to take a cab to our hotel, as we were just beginning our epic day of hockey. Sharks hockey dorks that we were (are), we had to catch a train to Worcester, to see the AHL Sharks battle the AHL Bruins. To be continued...