Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carlos Santana crashes a show at Yoshi's (photos)

Last night at Yoshi's jazz club in Oakland, a friend and I went to see the Tony Williams Lifetime Tribute Band. The principal draw for me was that Jack Bruce (Cream) would be playing; seeing Vernon Reid (Living Colour) on guitar was a nice bonus, and it certainly didn't hurt that John Medeski (organ, Medeski Martin & Wood) and Cindy Blackman (drums, Lenny Kravitz / Santana) were rounding out the band.
About forty minutes into the show, I noticed a man in a booth in front of me that looked suspiciously like Carlos Santana. I pointed him out to my friend, who initially doubted me. In fact, I doubted myself. At the end of the show, however, Vernon Reid announced the presence of "The Husband," who did indeed come up and jam with them. If only I had done my homework, I would have known that Santana and Blackman had gotten married not even two months prior to the show.
From left to right = John Medeski, Jack Bruce, Cindy Blackman, and Vernon Reid

Cindy Blackman's husband, aka Carlos Santana, jams with the band. Twenty-four seconds of video found here.

If you're interested in seeing the band, they're playing two shows each on Friday and Saturday (8pm and 10pm). No promise that Santana will be there, but Jack Bruce in of himself is more than enough to justify a trip to the West Coast's jazz palace. This was probably my favorite Yoshi's show ever (apologies to Branford Marsalis and Mose Allison). A one word warning, however = earplugs! :-)

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