Friday, January 14, 2011

Things to do this MLK weekend

Does anyone else feel guilty when we get three day weekends in honor of those who died doing something valiant, but don't really spend time reflecting upon their lives? Maybe it's just me. Hopefully Dr. King will forgive me for the following list of what's going on this weekend in the Bay Area:

Dine About Town starts Saturday in San Francisco. My friends and I look forward to this every year = dozens of high-brow restaurants, including One Market and Fifth Floor, both of which have Michelin stars, offer 3-course dinners for just $35 when they would normally be at least double (or even triple) that. The two-week dining deal ends January 31.

NFL playoffs! Will the Patriots get their comeuppance? Will the Seahawks get the best of Da Bears? Four epic games in two epic days... none of which involve Bay Area teams.

Patrick Marleau will play in his 999th and 1,000th games [barring injury]. That's about the only positive I can take out of the Sharks' two games this weekend, as they face the possibility of a seven or even eight-game losing streak before Tuesday.

It's the final weekend of the Van Gogh / Post-Impressionism exhibit at the deYoung Museum. The last day is Tuesday, and if the previous Impressionism exhibit was any indication, this weekend will surely sell out in advance. If you haven't seen it, get on it, stat.

Lastly, the Golden Globes are this Sunday. Since fewer than 100 people vote on them (Hollywood Foreign Press Association), I don't hold much stock in them. However, I do like it when recognition is given to my favorite performers or movies, so I begrudgingly pay a little bit of attention. Christian Bale and Melissa Leo had better get the award for The Fighter (a movie that I had mixed feelings about, other than the acting from those two in particular). When the Academy Award nominations are announced in less than 2 weeks, the one Golden Globe omission that they can fix is Hailee Steinfeld's. The True Grit actress needs to be nominated. She's only won about a dozen film critics awards, for Pete's sake. But I digress.

I can think of a dozen other fun activities off the top of my head, but these are ones that I'll be looking into this weekend. Enjoy!

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