Saturday, December 11, 2010

Peter Hook @ Mezzanine [set list]

Last night Peter Hook, the influential bassist of Joy Division and New Order, performed Joy Division's first album Unknown Pleasures in its entirety, as well as 8 other Joy Division songs. Here's the set list =

1. No Love Lost
2. Leaders of Men
3. Glass
4. Digital
Then he and his band played the entire album...
5. Disorder
6. Day of the Lords
7. Candidate
8. Insight
9. New Dawn Fades
10. She's Lost Control
11. Shadowplay
12. Wilderness
13. Interzone
14. I Remember Nothing

They then came back for not one, but TWO encores. Not everyone realized there would be two.
15. Atmosphere [dedicated to one of Hooky's friends that died this week]
16. Transmission
17. Love Will Tear Us Apart
[second encore]
18. Ceremony

Great show, great set = Hook sang all the tracks, and actually channelled Ian Curtis better than one might think. He's received a fair amount of flak for doing this tour at all, let alone singing on every song, but I'd much rather he sing his band's songs than some other yokel. The tour is almost done, with a show in Los Angeles tonight and one in Portland in May. However, given that he's playing in May in Portland probably means he's also playing the Sasquatch Festival in Washington state on Memorial Day weekend. Go nuts...

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