Monday, December 13, 2010

Cooperstown Photos, Part 2 (Hall of Fame plaques)

I took way too many pictures in the actual Hall of Fame (and even more in the museum component); here's a large chunk of the photos, which I won't comment on for the most part. Instead, take some time to read the plaques, as they're often poignant.
Looking into the Hall of Fame itself.

Every year my students read a short passage about Hank Greenberg (it ties into diversity - he was Jewish - and standing up for what you believe in)

Get well soon, Bob... I pray it's possible.

What's notable about these two statues of Babe Ruth and Ted Williams is that they're each made out of a solid piece of wood. No cloth or anything... wood and paint.

Can you name all 5 members of the inaugural Hall of Fame class?


#2 (ok, he wore #3)




Today he is the greatest of all time... :-P

It's worth pointing out that he wanted to go in as a Yankee...

And given what The Boss put him through, it's totally understandable that he went in as a Padre...


This place must be so Foo Kin good ;-) (just a block from the Hall, too)

Cooperstown's Main Street

Cooperstown's Main Street (the Hall is on the right)

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