Friday, December 10, 2010

Cooperstown Photos, Part 1

After seeing a Sharks victory in Ottawa, I was quite tempted to hop over to Montreal to see a second game in 3 days. However, I needed to be back in Syracuse for my Sunday morning flight, and didn't fancy a long drive from Montreal after a Saturday game. Considering that I had already seen the Sharks in Montreal, I decided to leave Ottawa and head to Cooperstown, to see the Baseball Hall of Fame (of course). I don't regret my decision for one second.
Back in New York in the early morning, I'm greeted by snow and farms.

I believe this was Otsego Lake, which meets Cooperstown at its southernmost end.

The Baseball Hall of Fame.

Statues of Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, and Roberto Clemente greet you upon entering.

The word "baseball" has an interesting history.

Typical exhibit displays in the Hall of Fame.

Funny editorial cartoon about umpires being able to safely call the game.

Honus Wagner's locker (one of many preserved lockers in the Hall).

Tinker to Evers to Chance, making a GIANT groan. Ugh.

The last autograph Babe Ruth ever signed (on his deathbed).

Babe Ruth's locker.

Babe Ruth's final home run ball, and the bat used to make his famous "called shot."

Sweet, I'm down to go see this...

Display cases typically focused on either a team, a player, or a topic. This one's devoted to legendary pitcher Cy Young.

Hat belonging to Willie Mays, and jersey belonging to Monte Irvin

Pre-integration integration (note the two African-American players).

Satchel Paige's Negro League jersey.

In the interest of being objective about my beloved Yankees, I'm including this.

Samples of Jackie Robinson hate mail.

Stan Musial's locker.

Lou Gehrig's locker.

I'll copy the text next to this display = "To Ted Williams, hitting was a science. On each of the 77 baseballs displayed below he has assigned a batting average. Each indicates what he believes his own average would be, if pitches were delivered in these areas of his strike zone."

Joe DiMaggio's locker... because the history of the Yankees is the history of baseball itself.

This T206 Honus Wagner card belonged to Wayne Gretzky before arriving at the Hall, and is one of at least two in the building.

The San Francisco Giants' display case in the room of 30 teams.

The now-infamous Asterix Ball (see below).

Yankee Stadium [I] ticketing booth.

Hank Aaron's tying home run ball.

Display case for The Shot Heard Round the World (and yes, that's Thomson's bat from the hit).

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 San Francisco Giants!

Don Larsen's cap and rosin bag (mostly out of view) from his perfect game in 1956.
I'll post my photos of the plaques in the next few days (I took over 500 photos inside, so these are just the highest of the highlights).

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