Monday, September 6, 2010

Yosemite National Park, Sat. 9/4/10

Our campsite at Crane Flats, sometime before 11am

The Brothers Johnston (that's William doing his Army Ranger p.o.'ed look)

We tried figuring this out but failed... how is "talked forest good" grammatically correct?

El Capitan

Not sure if these are the Cathedral Peaks, but they sure look inspiring

Needs no introduction

Our sad moment of the day = Yosemite Falls was dry as a bone. We had literally planned to hike up to the top, but decided against it seeing that nothing was flowing.



Driving to Happy Isles, to hike to Vernal Falls (Half Dome rising above)

Chris is pumped

We couldn't do Half Dome this weekend because of the permits required

The trail was just saturated with people

Where Chris goes, his machete goes

Love holiday weekends

Vernal Falls


Pretty mellow hike, but it's always good to get to the top

However, being at the top was not quite enough for Machete Chris (don't try this at home)

Liberty Cap on the right, and I believe Grizzly Peak on the left

Hatchet throwing at our campsite - pre-dinner antics

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