Monday, September 13, 2010

Photo Nostalgia = Riga, Latvia, 2009

Ed. Note = I honestly don't remember what half of these buildings are called. When it's something worth explaining, I'll do so below. This was my last Eastern European stop before flying to Norway, so I was pretty burnt out. After digging through these photos, however, I'm quite tempted to go back for a second opinion of the city.

WWII poster inside the Museum of Occupation

Anti-Semitic poster

The Museum highlights both Nazi and Soviet occupation, the latter of which sandwiched the Nazi occupation

My sentiments exactly...

In January 1991, several Latvian filmmakers were killed while filming "The Barricades," which is not the name of the film but rather that of events following the declaration of independence from the USSR. These monument stones can be found in a park, indicating where each person fell dead. "Kino" is both the Russian and Latvian word for "cinema."

Detail of a funny sculpture in town

Stalinist gothic, a la Moscow

This is the only photo that I took of myself in Latvia... my hair looks this way due to strong winds in the church tower

The backside of a wooden church altar (note - Latvia is mostly Lutheran, with Orthodox and Catholics forming a minority)

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