Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photo Nostalgia = Kiev, Ukraine, 2009

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery (Ukrainian Orthodox)

St. Michael's iconostasis

St. Michael's iconostasis

St. Michael's

St. Michael's

Saint Sophia Cathedral

View from the Saint Sophia belltower, overlooking the plaza below (and St. Michael's in the background to the right)

Illicit photo inside Saint Sophia's (whose jurisdiction is disputed amongst Orthodox and Catholics)

The Virgin Orans, a super-famous work from the 12th century, above the altar

St. Andrew's Church (Ukrainian Orthodox)

Interior of St. Andrew's

Birdseye view from St. Andrew's

Exterior of the Chernobyl Museum

I believe these are photos of the men who rushed to the rescue, only to die shortly thereafter of radiation poisoning

What the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant looked like before the 1986 disaster

What it looked like on April 26, 1986

Display featuring church objects amidst radiation warning signs

The black and white sign says "Chernobyl" in Cyrillic letters and the red slash is a standard European indication for "now leaving the city limits"

Detail of the monument to Berehynia (a Slavic pagan goddess) in the middle of Independence Square, aka Maidan Nezalezhnosti

From left, Mikhail from Romania, an American guy, the Ukrainian hostel hostess, and a Dutchman in love with punk rock

Pechersk Lavra, aka Monastery of the Caves

My Dutch friends inside the tunnels (photography not really allowed)

Inside the glass case is the body of a saint

The faithful pack the tunnels and the chapels therein

Monastery domes

Mikhail was motorbiking from Romania to Kazakhstan and beyond

A "small" separate chapel inside the very large monastery complex

Yours truly

Mikhail and his camera, looking at a piece of art in the Museum of Miniatures (within the Caves Monastery grounds)

What Mikhail was looking at = a chess set small enough to fit on the head of a nail (and a very thin nail at that)

Fun with Biblical analogies = fitting a camel through the eye of a needle (which is what this is!)

Still in the monastery grounds, with the Great Lavra Belltower

The open-air Museum of the Great Patriotic War is just outside the monastery grounds. My Dutch friend, holding two recently acquired beers, imitates the famous photo of Tank Man from the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing

Rodina Mat, lovingly referred to as "Tin Tits," visible from many parts of Kiev

A local and my Dutch friend on groovy-colored tanks in front of Rodina Mat

Yay me...

Dutchman on the left, Mikhail on the right

A UFO-like structure near Rodina Mat

A final look back at the Monastery of the Caves

Monastery of the Caves

Looking over the Dnieper River

The sky was moody the entire time I was in Kiev... not that it was long

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