Friday, August 27, 2010

Oregon, Day 2 of 4

Approaching Mount Shasta from the southeast (not the normal side of the mountain I see)

The Creamery, aka Klamath Basin Brewery, in Klamath Falls, OR

Is that a subliminal message in the middle of the chalkboard? Nah, couldn't be.


Buttcrack Brown!!!

Driving along the shores of Klamath Lake toward Crater Lake

Nathan is stoked at finally getting to see Crater Lake

There she is, complete with Wizard Island

That's about as unnatural a blue as you can see in nature

I've been to Crater Lake at least 4 times (all in the summer), and each time I go there is plenty of snow. However, this was the only snow we saw, and we had to hunt for it.

When Kodak invented color film, people had to mail it away to get it developed. Someone came to Crater Lake to take photos, and after sending his film to Kodak, he received a letter of apology, saying that they couldn't understand why the film developed such an abnormal blue tint in the developing process.

The gray weather from Klamath Falls finally caught up with us, making the water appear much grayer

Phantom Ship, one of the oldest geological formations in the lake area

The Rogue River (I think), after leaving the park

One of these days I'll take a raft down the length of it... sigh

We made our way to Ashland, where I'd take in a performance of Henry IV Part 1. More plays to follow the day after. To be continued...

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