Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Midwest Trip Photos = Pittsburgh, Day 5

The epic baseball road trip continues, as Patrick and Dustin venture across the Midwest and, technically, out of it. Next up - PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, host to the visiting San Diego Padres, and the easternmost park in our trip.
Rainy Sunday skies and CORN... lots of corn. At this point we're not sure if the game is going to happen, but we're determined to make the drive.

We're officially leaving the Midwest (for 24 hours)

Pittsburgh skyline (in the rain)

Honus Wagner actually lived long enough to see the dedication of this (relocated) statue... no signs of the T206 baseball card, I checked.

Fingers crossed...

PNC Park is along the Allegheny River, which meets up with the Monongahela in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River (the point seen just under the bridge is the start of the Ohio)
Since the Pirates were playing the Padres, I thought it was appropriate to wear my Giants cap

Primanti Bros. sandwiches, conveniently sold inside PNC Park. That's right = fries and coleslaw inside the sandwich, a Pittsburgh institution.

Looking promising...

Woo! Game time!

Andrew McCutchen, future MLB superstar

Patrick, for some awful reason, is a Dodgers fan.

But at least we both could agree that we wanted the Padres to lose

Pierogie race! (one of many food races seen on this trip)

BEAUTIFUL ballpark... but now it was SCORCHING HOT (notice that we're now sitting in the shade after retreating)

Heath Bell pitching for San Diego

Pittsburgh's dugout awaits the game's end

Pittsburgh's "other" Crosby

Nothing to see here, folks

Padres win 6-3... boo.

Gorgeous day it turned out to be (albeit HOT)

I'm of the opinion that Pittsburgh's skyline is the most underrated in the country

Statue of Roberto Clemente (RIP)

Looking back on PNC Park along the river banks

Since we had some much-needed downtime after the game, we napped before reentering the city for a variety of evening antics

Mellon Arena, aka "The Igloo." Former home of the Penguins.

Oooo, purty

The Consol Energy Center, across from the Igloo. Upcoming home of the Penguins.

The Church Brew Works, a brewery housed inside of an old church. Blasphemy never tasted so delicious.

Although it's pretty crass that the fermentation tanks are on the altar
Coming soon - a day of Halls of Fame in Ohio... and more baseball of course. To be continued.

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