Thursday, August 19, 2010

Midwest Trip Photos = Ohio, Day 6 (Part 1 - Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Early morning drive out of western Pennsylvania... where will the road take us today?

Why, West Virginia, of course!

Welcome to Chester, WV, the northernmost town in the state

Our cultural exploration of Chester's fine dining began and ended with McD's... and yes, that's a McGriddle

Main Street, Chester (pretty much the one street in town)

The Ohio River, with West Virginia on the right and Ohio on the left


The Pro Football Hall of Fame, in Canton, OH. The building is deceptively large.

Fawcett Stadium, host of the Hall of Fame Game

Self-proclaiming advertising on the side of the HoF

Jerry Rice would be inducted less than 10 days after we were there

A statue of Jim Thorpe greets you when you walk in

The oldest football in their collection (mid-1890s)

What... on... earth... This is how players used to dress

The early history of football completely fascinated me... and I'm not the biggest football fan, believe me

Drum used at Baltimore Colts games

A showpiece depicting the Miami Dolphins' perfect season

I was born on the day of The Catch; my grandfather jokes that I distracted him from his ballgame (and I was his first grandkid!)

Exhibit on each of the 32 teams

Entering the actual Hall of Fame...

Where busts of the inducted await you!

Wait, he played football?!? Just kidding...


Expecting good things this coming season...

It's worth noting that Joe Montana's bust is the lowest on its section of the wall, beneath Howie Long and Ronnie Lott. I've reversed the hierarchy in my photos here.

Jerry's appointed spot

Vince Lombardi's bench from his final game as Packers coach

It's surprisingly difficult to get a quality picture of the Lombardi Trophy

The Hall of Fame has a complete set of Super Bowl rings; some are much larger than others (like the Steelers ring seen here)

We got to go inside Fawcett Stadium, which is gorgeous

Patrick prepares to throw me the ball

An eight year old tackled me shortly after this photo was taken. I might be joking.

The view from the top of the bleachers, on the 50 yard line

Post-Hall of Fame, we made our way towards Cleveland, stopping at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, to see a waterfall

There it is = Brandywine Falls. As beautiful as it is, the trouble it took accessing the falls made it appear somewhat underwhelming... which is a pity, since I now see that it was a nice place

Yet another stop at White Castle. We agreed that instead of polluting our meal with French fries, as we did last time, we should just stick to burgers. And so we did = we each ordered 10 little sliders. Here are Pat's 10. You don't want to know what became of mine. At least I made it through the upcoming Indians-Yankees game. To be continued...

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