Sunday, August 8, 2010

Midwest Trip Photos = Milwaukee, Day 1 (if you hate art, turn back now)

After flying all night on a red-eye to Milwaukee (connecting in Houston, no less), my buddy Patrick and I were hungry. Fortunately, Mader's Restaurant in downtown Milwaukee hooked us up.

Firstly, with a boot of beer (Patrick was the designated D, which came in handy later).

And secondly, with sauerbraten sandwiches.

Our table had been graced by another charming fellow.

Milwaukee's skyline makes San Jose's look distinctive... which it isn't.

Go Dairy State.

The Milwaukee Art Museum, which became my favorite art gallery in the US (other than NYC's Frick Collection)

Patrick, ready to rock Milwaukee

Lobby of the museum

Jan van Amstel's "Christ and the Two Pilgrims on the Way to Emmaus" (1540)

I'm a sucker for Jan van Goyen = "Landscape with Skaters" (1643)

Pieter Breughel II's "Peasant Brawl" (1620)

Francisco de Zurbaran's "Saint Francis of Assisi in his Tomb" (1630/34)

Detail of Philippe de Champaigne's "Moses and the Tablets of Law" (1648)

Michael Carl Gregorovius' "View of Danzig" (1825)

Detail of Eduard von Grutzner's "Falstaff Mustering Recruits" (1869)

Detail of Grutzner's "The Catastrophe" (1892)

Detail of Grutzner's "Shaving Day at the Monastery" (1887)

Detail of Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant's "Evening on the Seashore - Tangiers" (1891)

Alfred Kowalski's "Winter in Russia" (c. 1885)

I was shocked they had this = James Tissot's "London Visitors" (1874)

Gustave Caillebotte's "Boating on the Yerres" (1877)

Jules Bastien-Lepage's "Le Pere Jacques" (1881)

Rosa Bonheur's "Two Goats" (1870) = Bonheur is my second favorite female artist after Elisabeth-Louise Vigee-Le Brun

Max Pechstein's "Early Morning, Leba" (1922)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's "The Visit (Mrs. Binswanger)" (1917)

Detail of Robert Henri's "Chinese Lady" (1914)

Wayne Thiebaud is my favorite living painter = this is "Refrigerator Pies" (1962)

Andrew Wyeth (R.I.P.)'s "Afternoon" (1945)

Alex Katz is my second favorite living painter = this is his wife, Ada, in "Ada with Hand" (1972)

Finally, Marc Chagall's "The Horseman" (1966)

With more than enough art under our belts, we decided to loosen said belts at Sprecher's Brewery, on the 4pm tour

The tour itself lasted 15 minutes...

...because our guide knew we all wanted to sample the good stuff (and man, was it good - notice my glass is empty).

Patrick was the designated D as we drove to Evanston, IL for the night.

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