Friday, August 13, 2010

Midwest Trip Photos = Miller Park (Day 3, Part 2)

On Friday, July 23, Patrick and I would attempt a bold undertaking: seeing two baseball games, in two states, in one twelve hour period. Part Two of our epic quest: Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, who were hosting the Washington Nationals.
Entering Wisconsin on northbound I-94

Miller Park, unlike Wrigley, is commonly reached by automobile

Tailgate bean bag party... complete with eye candy ;-)

It's Miller Time

The view from our club seats (we got a free upgrade when a smashed pane of glass forced the closure of our section, which can be seen empty in the upper lefthand corner of the photo)

All-Star Corey Hart would later leave the game injured

Corey Hart vs. Craig Stammen... Hart was about to hit a triple, which would later transform into a run

Prince Fielder, estranged son of Cecil

Good times

Washington's Adam Dunn

Hank Aaron's retired #44 (he was in Milwaukee for much of his career, with the then-Milwaukee Braves before being traded from Atlanta to the Brewers to end his career)

Surreal moment = seeing the out of town scores, and realizing we were at one of those games

Gorgeous evening

Magenta is a good color for the sky

Meanwhile, Stammen is in trouble

The Brewers are beginning to come back

Michael Morse was essentially behind the Nationals' lead. He hit his 11th and 12th career home runs on this night

A wonderfully wacky diversion before the bottom of the sixth inning = Klement's Racing Sausages

Bratwurst wins!

One of these days the hot dog will show them who's the boss

40-year old Jim Edmonds, in for injured Corey Hart, is about to become an unlikely hero

Fireworks for Jim Edmonds' home run, just the 23rd of his long career (and 6th as a Brewer)

Milwaukee loves Jim Edmonds... although he just got traded to divisional rival Cincinnati
They did it - 3 two-run innings to come back from a 4-run deficit

Craig Counsell, another 40-year old (ok, 39 for the next week)

The final out of the game (courtesy of Patrick's camera)

The Brewers complete the epic comeback and beat the Nationals 7-5
And now it was time for us to complete our day by driving back to Evanston, IL. Along the way we were hit by the craziest thunderstorm I've ever lived through... which would impact our following day in ways we didn't expect. To be continued.

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