Sunday, August 22, 2010

Midwest Trip Photos = Indiana and Chicago, Day 8

We spent the night in South Bend, home of Joe Montana's alma mater, the University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Stadium, home of the Fighting Irish

Ara Parseghian statue; Parseghian is still ticking at 87 years old

Not a bad campus

Touchdown Jesus!

Knute Rockne statue; he died in a plane crash in 1931, but even today is recognized as one of the greatest coaches of all time

Lou Holtz, still ticking at 73

The late Frank Leahy

Still in Indiana, at a rest stop, we see Amish folks for the first time. Maybe they're Mennonite, hence the use of an automobile; still, they're "plain people."

Patrick walking down to the shore at West Beach, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

This is the first time I've set foot in one of the Great Lakes

It was sweltering hot in Indiana, hence the amount of people

Michael Jackson's house growing up, Gary, IN

Recently dedicated monument

Patrick and I weren't the only MJ fans to have stopped by before

Back in Chicago again!

First stop - the legendary Superdawg

It was good... not amazing, but good. The pickle is inside the bun with the hot dog

We took the L all the way down to the South Side, to see the White Sox host the Seattle Mariners

U.S. Cellular Field, aka "New Comiskey"

Despite being most famous for his World Series antics as a Red *Sock*, Carlton Fisk actually spent the majority of his career in Chicago as a White *Sock*

The Champions Monument

We're almost done with our mission! Wooooo!

Although I bought us nosebleeds on StubHub, we were upgraded free of charge by the White Sox, who were actually the vendor on StubHub. So these ended up being our best seats of the week!

Patrick's camera... and Patrick

It was Asian Heritage Night, so we were treated to a traditional Indian dance pre-game

Paul Konerko at first base for Chicago

Ichiro Suzuki, going to bat for Seattle

I took this photo because the number and frequency of the vendors visiting our aisle was truly reprehensible. Fortunately the wave died down, but not before making us question our sanity.

Chone Figgins hits a 2-run homer for Seattle in the top of the 2nd

The gray sky held out, thankfully

Fireworks for Gordon Beckham's home run in the bottom of the 2nd

Apparently Chicago mayor Richard Daley was in attendance (we were told that that was him speaking to the usher). Mayor Daley was (true story) hit by 2 balls and a BAT during the game. Quite possibly the strangest assassination attempt ever!

More fireworks, this time for Alexei Ramirez's home run in the 5th inning...

And now some more for Paul Konerko's home run immediately thereafter!

Seattle had a four run lead going into the bottom of the 2nd, but now the game was tied in the 5th due to 3 home runs

Buh bye, Jason Vargas

Patrick and I fell in love with this chick, who roamed our section with an easy grace

Southpaw, ChiSox mascot

The fans are getting pumped up as the White Sox get the go-ahead run in the 7th

Ichiro was having a good night, but he couldn't have been happy with the flow of the game
Bobby Jenks comes in to close it out for Chicago

His pitching was filthy... by which I mean "amazing"

Chicago wins 6-5, thanks to 5 unanswered runs.
So that was it = our 6th and final baseball game. We had one half day left in Chicago, before having to head back to Milwaukee to fly home. To be continued...

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