Friday, August 20, 2010

Midwest Trip Photos = Cleveland, Day 6 (Part 2)

Here are both of Cleveland's buildings (seriously, click that link)

The Indians were hosting the New York Yankees... had to come prepared

Needs no introduction
The Hall of Fame is on the spot of the (suspect) birthplace of rock (the site of a rock concert orchestrated by a Cleveland DJ)

I couldn't take too many photos inside (it's not allowed, and there are people watching everywhere), but this photo shows part of a wall of signatures from all the inductees (living or dead); note that it's semi-alphabetical (why Zappa is before Young is beyond me)

They honestly could have found a more prominent location for one of the most famous awnings in rock and roll than behind the escalators; I showed my disdain by taking this photo in front of the staff, who said nothing (I was leaving anyway)

Cleveland's "skyline"

Johnny Cash's tour bus... with a "what are you looking at?" tourist in front

Patrick, in situational Tribe gear, heading into Progressive Field, downtown Cleveland

Bob Feller statue

First impressions (at the opposite end from where we're seated)

Upper concourse, with the (personally despised) Chief Wahoo logo

View from our nosebleeds

Tribe's defense

The LCD screen might be the largest I've ever seen (it was the largest in sports upon its creation) = it measures 150 feet across and 30 feet tall

Alex Rodriguez was aiming for home run #600 tonight

Fan favorite

Jake Westbrook pitches to Derek Jeter
Important side note = this would be the longtime Indians pitcher's last game for Cleveland, as he would be traded to the Cardinals a few days later

Nick Swisher hits a solo homer

A-Rod (flashbulbs were popping left and right)

The Crowe's Nest, in honor of Trevor Crowe (these guys were on the Jumbotron numerous times)

What is it with the Midwest and food races?

Curtis Granderson hits a 2-run homer

"Come and look at both of our buildings..."

Mariano Rivera closes it out for the Bombers

Yankees beat the Tribe 3-2

Wooooooooo! (Patrick was really mad that I asked him to take this photo... he hates the Yankees)

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