Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Midwest Trip Photos = Chicago, Day 9 (end of trip)

On the menu for our last day in the Midwest = the Field Museum of Natural History, at Museum Campus

"Sue," the most complete T-Rex skeleton found. Real bones except for the skull (see below).

Massive Aztec art

First Nations totem pole from British Columbia

Inside the Pawnee Earth Lodge

If only Chicago denizens still wore such clothing

Sue's real, 600 lb. skull

Ground floor of the museum

The infamous man-eating lions of Tsavo, recreated (albeit shrunken) from the lions' skins; the lions were the inspiration for the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness"

4-year old boy mummy (one of over 20 in the museum)

You can't take it with you...

Gorgeous day in Chicago (minus the humidity)

Lunch in Chicago = Giordano's (again)

Our digs in Evanston

I finally got to try Culver's frozen custard while making our way to the Milwaukee airport; while not incredibly different from ice cream, the sundae they made me was ridiculously good... almost as good as the trip itself. :-)

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