Monday, August 9, 2010

Midwest Trip Photos = Chicago, Day 2

Our digs in Evanston, courtesy of my friend. Note the all-important fan.

Holy Name Cathedral, Near North part of Chicago

Holy Name Cathedral

Giordano's, home of the best stuffed pizza in the world

It's amazing

Stick a fork in it, I'm done

The famous Water Tower on the Magnificent Mile

Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears

Statue of Columbus en route to the Museum Campus

I credit Patrick with pointing this out

This way to the Shedd Aquarium

Patrick's already gunning for it

Cool puffer fish

Outside the aquarium

Aquarium facade

Solder Field

Thaddeus Kosciuszko statue

Adler Planetarium

Note the Sears Tower

We're reflected in the famous "Bean"

A surreal way to cool off

I love Chicago

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Q said...

Man, seeing that Giordano's pizza again makes me hungry for it. It's far too good to not be availiable to me on a regular basis!