Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lassen Volcanic National Park = Part 1 of Trip to Oregon

Highway 36, east of Red Bluff, heading toward Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Peak itself

Park entrance

Themes for the day = lush green scenery and sulpher (note the steam)

A mudpot right off the road

Danger! It smells like a toilet after Montezuma's revenge!

Sign pointing out the obvious

Nathan's never been here before, and liked the snow in August

The trail to Bumpass Hell (name explained below)

Lassen Peak

Bumpass Hell was named after a certain Kendall Vanhook Bumpass, who stepped into a boiling spring and lost his leg in 1865. Incidentally, it's the foremost attraction in the park, if only for the name that's even more ridiculous sounding than Dick Butkus.

You had to cross through the snow to get to Bumpass Hell... Hell frozen over?

Bumpass Hell below

Nathan about to enter the walkways through Bumpass Hell

"Mommy, it smells like tooting"

Gray water coming down from Bumpass Hell

Pound for pound, Lassen NP is my favorite national park in the U.S.

Boiling spring (not the one that Bumpass fell into... apparently the ground gave way under him)

A mineral spring in the same area? Definitely not boiling

Nathan on the trail back

One of the many lakes in the park, beneath Lassen Peak

Kings Creek, in a meadow

Kings Creek (which was bitter cold)

This seemingly simple 1.1 mile hike RUINED my day. Worst trail EVER.

The upper part of Kings Creek Falls

The lower part

I can't overstate how bad the hike was. The trail peetered off into nothing; we ended up slipping and sliding down a steep hill on loose shale because it appeared that's where we were supposed to go. NPS, if you're reading this, FIX THAT TRAIL.

Nathan was amused at how angered I was

On the way back, we discovered the "real" trail, which AGAIN peetered off into nothingness. Hence, Nathan is looking around trying to figure out where we should go.

It was dark when we finally figured out how to get back, so there's a gap in pictures. This is Manzanita Lake, where we camped that night. We would have gone for a swim, but we had to drive to Oregon. To be continued.

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