Friday, August 6, 2010

Australia photos = Sydney, Days 20 and 21

The Australian Museum

"Three Wise Men / Last Supper" by Northern Territory aboriginal artists

Recreation of an extinct creature

Speaking of extinct...
I was extremely impressed by this finalist for a photographic award; it's called "Leaf cutter ants at work" by Michael Jensen, who took the shot in Costa Rica. He achieved the silhouette by shooting his flash up on the leaf behind the ants. If only some day I can afford to have a flash that isn't built into my camera!


After exiting the museum, I walked through the Woolloomooloo area of Sydney and came across this mural depicting the aboriginal struggle

The flag in the mural is the aboriginal peoples' flag

The harbour at Woolloomooloo Bay

A Sydney institution = the world-famous Harry's Cafe de Wheels

The "Tiger," their signature dish. It's a meat pie with mashed potatoes and mashed peas, with gravy. It looks funky but tastes amazing. About $5.

After lunch I sat for about half an hour looking at the harbour. I studied this contraption for about 10 minutes.

I used Caspar David Friedrich's "Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog" as inspiration for this photo.

I loved the tension between blue sky and dramatic clouds, vying for attention just before sunset.

A fellow American (a Texan) was kind enough to take this shot for me.

That's the underside of a rock outcropping on the left

The water itself was alive with light

Obviously I'm at the red star; the Opera House is at the top left of the map

Note the dark spot at the bottom of the photo = my lense developed an imperfection during this trip, and is beyond my means to repair.

Sunset was gorgeous

The light played off the Opera House well

Adios, Down Under...

The morning of July 2nd = my host's kids, Olivia and Oscar

My host, Peter

And his lovely wife Catherine

Ah, sweet home San Jose... spotted en route to SFO

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