Monday, August 2, 2010

Australia photos - Sydney, Day 18

After arriving at the airport, I made my way downtown and met up with my host, Peter, at the CitiGroup Building. Following lunch, I went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales while he finished up work. Essentially, this was my day!

The bottom painting is by Canaletto

Painting and sculpture were exhibited in the same galleries, as in most national art galleries

John Dickson Batten's "Snowdrop [Snow White] and the Seven Little Men" (1897)

Vincent Van Gogh's early "Head of a Peasant" (1884)

Dutch painter Ary Scheffer's "Dante and Virgil encountering the shades of Francesca da Rimini and Paolo in the underworld" (1851). Inspired by the real story depicted in Dante's Divine Comedy, of two adulterers murdered by Rimini's husband.

Edmund Blair Leighton's "Till Death Do Us Part" (1878-79), a famous painting depicting an ill-balanced marriage for money, not love (note the real lover in the pews)

Vajrayogini, from Nepal (20th century)

I absolutely love this guy's expression. One of the pair of Guardians, from China's Tang Dynasty (7th century)

I inverted this picture of St. Mary's Cathedral reflected in a pool

Several tourists were trying out the "Oz Ball"

Looked like fun!
After this I headed to Peter's place, where he and his family put me up for 3 nights. To be continued!

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