Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Australia photos = Blue Mountains, Day 19

On my second to last day in Australia, I signed up for a very cheap day tour to the Blue Mountains, outside of Sydney. En route we passed by the 2000 Olympics stadiums, like the one seen here.

"Tosser" is synonomous with "wanker" - at any rate, this garbage can label illustrates Australia's relaxed attitude to vulgarity

I wasn't really feeling it this morning - I was having persistent vision problems, where my eyes couldn't properly focus. It eventually went away, but I took a self-portrait to remind myself of my state.

We had a rest break in this area, just outside the Blue Mountains region

Small world - these were two of my scuba diving buddies, taking a different Blue Mountains tour. Bear in mind that the Reef was at least a couple thousand miles away, making the odds of this encounter rather small. (We talked before I took this photo)

If my employer is reading this blog, please don't fire me. I couldn't resist documenting another example of cheeky Australian humor. For the record, it originally said "Cooktops may be hot."

We then went to "Kangaroo Street," a minor aboriginal site in a suburban area of the mountains

All it really had was a kangaroo outline carved in the stone, which only became visible with water poured on it... I was underwhelmed, and not just from being tired.

However, Flat Rock buoyed my spirits, just as my vision was restored

See why? (Quite a drop, by the way)

This is what I came to see

As it was with the other tourists

Flat Rock is somewhere on the left - this was taken from a different vantage point down the road called Jamison Lookout

We walked the Princes Rock Track to this waterfall

Not bad...

We stopped at a town for lunch; I chose a (terribly expensive) Thai restaurant. I laughed out loud during my visit to their loo = their bathroom actually had a bath in it!

This was a supplemental part of the tour = Scenic World, a 4-part journey that included vistas of the famous Three Sisters rock pinnacles

Part 1 = Skyway across a gorge

I forgot to mention - it was pretty cold today

The Three Sisters; there is an aboriginal legend about their creation, saying that three sisters were turned into stone by their father so they couldn't be pursued in love by amorous men. Why he didn't petrify the dudes is beyond me.

Apparently the anorexic sister is on the left (I kid, I kid)

The Sisters are just to the left of center

Part 2 = Cableway, going down

It's basically a gondola

Part 3 = a walkway, featuring noisy tropical birds

And finally, Part 4 = Railway going up

For many, this was the scariest part

Oh those kinky Koreans... these fellas had more than enough fun fondling the three statues representing the Three Sisters in their pre-petrified state

It was all the rage, I assure you. Some of the women posed with the anatomically correct statue of the father, too

Several people wanted to see wildlife, so we went in search of some. We came across this kangaroo (Wallaroo? Heck if I know)

I got pretty close to it, moving gingerly. Of course it spotted me.

"For every step closer that you take, I shall KILL YOU!"

End of the day = a glorious ferry ride from the western part of Sydney Harbour (by the Olympics site) into Sydney itself

Fantastic way to end the second to last day of my trip.

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Kate Dunkin said...

Awesome post and pictures Dustin! I have heard so much about the Blue Mountain Day Tour From Sydney, I'm definitely going to try to plan a trip in the near future. Thank you for sharing this with us!