Friday, July 9, 2010

Australia photos - Darwin, Day 3

I checked into the Youth Shack Hostel in downtown Darwin just after 2:30am - this multi-lingual warning sign was one of the first things I noticed. I chuckled.

Shenanigan's Pub, literally next door to the Youth Shack, and host to about 2,000 Australians for the match against Germany (Germany killed the Socceroos, 4-0).

Darwin's in the tropics

U.S. monument remembering the Japanese assault on Darwin, which also killed Americans

Australian monument to the same

I think this was an Australian monument dedicated to the U.S.

They were just 3 of many

On the same site

Got my geographical bearings down...

The rocky shoreline is probably a blessing - a sandy beach would invite people, who would in turn be stung by box jellyfish or eaten by crocodiles

Still, not a bad place (good weather, too)

Darwin's Government House (invitation only)

Along the waterfront - a new and safe pool
Pretty large complex, actually

Darwin's full of history

Northern Territory license plate

I then started noticing other license plates

Darwin's town hall was permanently destroyed in Cyclone Tracy, 1974

Ok, back to license plates

South Australia plate

Didn't expect to see a Tasmania plate all the way in the Top End

Box jellyfish in the local museum - the most poisonous creature on earth

I think this was a coastal or inland taipan, the deadliest land snakes on earth

Cyclone Tracy headline

"Sweetheart" - a large and MALE saltwater crocodile, stuffed

The Ski Club - across from the museum by the beach

Livin' la vida loca

The remnants of saltwater crocodile meat, lightly fried
For the next few days chronologically, please see my Kakadu National Park photos further down

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